Upload your Figma assets to a CDN

Install the assets via NPM

npm i https://static.basedcdn.com/basedcdn-demo/src/dist.zip

How it Works

We leverage cloud technology to host and serve your design assets. Each asset is uploaded onto our static file system and then cached onto over 200+ cloud edge locations. That means when an end user comes to your website they will have incredible fast asset load time. You no longer will have to coordinate asset updates with your development team. You can simply use BasedCDN to make updates directly and publish to the cloud.


  • BasedCDN is a design to development asset pipeline. We make it possible for your design team to seamlessly make updates to assets in production without requiring development resources. We enable your team to make required design changes and publish these to a CDN. Once published you can share all of your asset URL's with development to use as the asset source.

  • We use your email as your internal ID and as a way to communicate with you.

  • The namespace is used as a unique resource identifier. This namespace will be used on all of your URL's in this format:https://static.basedcdn.com/<namespace>/asset.png

  • We offer a free plan for up to 100k requests. After 100k requests we will bill you $5/mo.

  • Assets will update instantly but in somecases up to 15 seconds. After an asset is updated we invalidate all versions of the previously cached asset.

  • Currently we only support PNG formats.

  • Currently the maximum size for file uploads is 5.85mb.

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